Tuesday, 27 June 2017

girl gangs and gladioli: call for submissions

Pretty zine has been dormant for nearly two years, but it is now accepting submissions again. The theme for this summer's issue is Girl Gangs and Gladioli. This issue will be published on my currently empty Issuu page, so watch this space.

Girl gangs: fearless groups of girls who build each other up, not tear each other down
Girl gangs are symbols of female strength and solidarity. Think feminism, girl bands, online communities, best friends, riot grrl. They are about building up your female friends and being their number one fan. However, there are dark sides to girl gangs, like when they bully outsiders and commit crimes. The overwhelming representation of girl gangs in films is of bitchy sororities. There should be more positive representations of girl gangs in the media. Especially because when you type "girl gang" into Google, the top news results are about gang rape.

Gladioli: a flower symbolising strength of character, faithfulness, infatuation and never giving up
Gladioli are probably most famous in popular culture for being the flower waved about on stage by Morrissey when he was in The Smiths. Looking at their various meanings, it is easy to see how they relate to The Smiths. This theme can be interpreted however you want. Gladioli are shaped like a sword and their name derives from gladiator, hence they represent strength and determination. Their softer meaning is faithfulness and infatuation, so write about your crushes, causes you are faithful to and faith.

Deadline for submissions is 31st July. 

More ideas for girl gang submissions:
girl bands
riot grrl
online friends
best friends
representation of girl gangs
murder of shanda sharer 
teenage girls
bubblegum pink
midnight conversations
pink ladies
the craft
the virgin suicides
the beguiled 
secret languages/codes/passwords
girl gangs in films
girl gangs on TV
creative collaborations
when girl gangs clash
female bonding 
solidarity and division within feminism
powerpuff girls
bad ass girls and women coming together to make and do cool stuff

Ideas for gladioli:
standing up for your beliefs
calling people out/in
moral integrity 
staying true to yourself
the smiths and morrissey
fashion as armour
oscar wilde
flowers in general
strength of character
helping others 
"give me a break"- another meaning of gladioli 

As always, all forms of submissions are welcome, including articles, short stories, poems, photography, journals, artwork, sketches etc. For this issue, we are particularly looking for visual submissions. 


SEND SUBMISSIONS TO sophie.wilson09a@hotmail.co.uk

(issue 5)

(both via tumblr)
(issue 4)
 (moi je joue in july issue of british vogue)
(from 'mozipedia' by simon goddard)

Looking forward to your submissions. GO GO GO.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

summer slipped us underneath her tongue

1. It has been nearly a year since I updated this blog, but I've decided to come back to it, at least for now. I have been writing for Babe, XXY Magazine, Sunday Girl and some other publications. Yet I miss the immediacy and freedom of blogging. I finished my second year of uni at the start of the month and since then I've gone to Parklife (yes, Frank Ocean was disappointing), spent a lot of time reading and listened to Melodrama non-stop.

2. This Friday I am going to Antwerp. There is an exhibition on Margiela's Hermes collections that I am excited to see. Since I read about the Antwerp Six I have wanted to visit the city. It's like the edgy cousin of Europe's other fashion capitals (with better chocolate.)

3. On 10th July I start a three week placement at Vogue. It still feels surreal, but I will be there in less than three weeks now. Vogue has been my dream since before I even started this blog, so the opportunity is scary and exciting in equal measure. The placement is another reason why I want to start blogging again. I have spent the past few months writing exhibition reviews and think-pieces, but I want to become immersed in fashion writing more specifically again.

4. It's three months until I start my final year of uni. At the moment all that time seems to be sprawling ahead of me and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it after my Vogue placement. It might be the last summer I have that is this long so I want to make the most of it. I am going to focus on words and art and rediscovering myself. Next month is my last full month as a teenager.

Coat- USC
Turtleneck- Primark
Skirt- Alexa Chung for M&S
Tight- M&S
Boots- Zara

These photos were taken by Ethan at Park Hill in April. My outfit was inspired by a 2014 i-D shoot, My Generation. It is a shoot that has stuck in my mind for its suburban 1960s vibes. Park Hill was completed in the '60s and its brutalist architecture makes it inseparable from the era. It is now abandoned, making it simultaneously fascinating and melancholy. The empty football fields remind me of the boredom and isolation evoked through the i-D shoot. They are like empty, hot summer days that stretch on forever.

We are in the middle of an insane heatwave in the UK at the moment so I've been wearing the coolest things possible rather than paying particular attention to fashion. I will take some more outfit photos once it's cooled down enough to stop living off fruity ciders and talking about nothing except how hot it is. I can't even imagine being cold enough to wear the fur coat in these photos at the moment.

I have been reading the Jim Morrison biography No One Here Gets Out Alive, which is where the above quote in my journal is from. It doesn't paint Jim Morrison in a very positive light. I always get my hopes up that because male rockstars can write such sensitive poetry they won't turn out to be abusive, obnoxious alcoholics, but they usually are. Being a so-called 'genius' isn't an excuse for this. I'm just disappointed by how much Patti Smith idolises him. I have two chapters left but I doubt they will change my mind. The main positive take away from the book is that I want some Morrison-esque leather trousers for autumn. 

Happy summertime everyone! I aim to post again next week, rather than next year.