Saturday, 25 July 2015

sound and colour

I wore this outfit last week and it felt very pagan. The earthy colours made me think of when Antonio, Ellie and I accidentally climbed a tree filled with bugs nests. My wardrobe is dominated by dark and neutral colours at the moment. The past year or so I've been obsessed with clothing that is high quality and interestingly structured or patterned but with a very, well, vanilla colour scheme. Whilst I don't quite agree with Anna Wintour that we shouldn't wear head-to-toe black (how am I meant to look like a left-bank poet/summer goth without all black?), I do want to inject some more colour into my closet. This revelation mostly came about after reading this post on Style Bubble. Straight after reading it I dramatically flung open my wardrobe and threw all my bright clothes on the floor. I could only make about three outfits out of the clothes that were real bursts of colour. I packed them in my suitcase (I go on holiday for two weeks today!) then put it to the back of my mind.

However, I was reminded yesterday when I walked into town with Antonio. He was wearing grey, I black. We talked about it and I realised that I'm just bored with dark and neutral colours. When I wear black I can fall into the habit of taking myself too seriously, but it's summer now so when is a better time for relaxing your normal gothic fashion bitch persona? I will compile a post filled with bright colours when I get back from
Kefalonia. I won't be posting for 2 weeks because there's no wifi there and it will be relaxing to have a break from the internet. I'm writing this at the airport because my plane is delayed by 2 hours. Lastly, I finished and uploaded issue 7 of Pretty last night. You can download a PDF copy now ( and a paper copy will be available to order in 2 weeks. Have a fabulous fortnight xoxo

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

the sky was made of amethyst

Today I passed my driving test! I'm so pleased that I can now cruise through town in my heart-shaped sunglasses playing music too loud. I wore this outfit last week. The dress is from Topshop and the shoes are Doc Martens. I don't usually buy clothes this colour because in the winter it exacerbates the paleness of my skin and being pale only works when wearing all black and rocking the ice queen goth look. However, my skin's tanned from the recent hot weather and I really like the prettiness of this dress. It begs to be worn with Doc Martens to toughen it up though. I styled this outfit with grunge and '90s Courtney Love in mind, hence the title of this post being the opening lyric from Hole's "Live Through This."

I'm not a Kardashian fan at all, but I really love Kim's shoot for Vogue Spain. It seems so honest and different to how she is usually presented. There will probably be a lot of mixed comments about it, some of them sexist, some of them just anti-Kardashian, but I think it is the best shoot Kim has done by a mile. The photographer, Theo Wenner shot Lana Del Rey for Rolling Stone last year. A lot of his photos are quite candid, like the ones of Kim, but there are also some more commercial fashion ones. He did a shoot for i-D's Pre-Spring 2015 issue that I love (see below.)

Have a golden week xoxo

Friday, 17 July 2015

the sound's not so sweet

Let's talk about maxi dresses. I LOVE maxi dresses. They can be worn all year round, though I tend to save them for the summer after a bad experience involving a walk on New Year's Day without tights on. Maxis are always on the list of "trends men hate" which is all the more reason to like them, really. They're cool and comfy as well as being a favourite of off-duty models. There are a number of ways to wear a maxi dress. I usually hate "how to wear posts" because they tend to tell you what you could figure out for yourself, but I bought the maxi dress in this post from Miss Selfridge last week and decided to experiment with what to wear with it. Below are ten different ways to wear a maxi dress. I kept most of them quite simple because summer has got me into a minimal accessories mindset because it's too hot to layer (and I've got to lazy too think about complicated ensembles.) Behold my semi-ironic fashion blogger ode to the versatility of the maxi dress:

10 Ways to Style a Maxi Dress


The first look is the one I actually wore this week. It was cool and comfortable, but still edgier than a generic summery maxi dress outfit. The sunglasses add quirkiness, the leather jacket gives it a more punky, effortless appeal and the brogues add a touch of androgyny. This one is my ~natural style, I guess. I wore it to go shopping.

Tough Love

Add a black bag and boots for a practical everyday look. The boots toughen up the dress. The angsty facial expression is optional. I love pairing feminine pieces with tough accessories. This look is an alternative to the baby doll dress and Doc Martens combo.

Athleisure Mum

Trainers give an athleisure appeal. I feel like this is the sort of outfit that I can imagine a new mum wearing. The trainers allow lots of dashing around with a pram and a big bag can hold all the stuff that you need when you have a baby. I imagine that a maxi dress is comfy for a post-pregnancy stomach too. Who needs mom jeans?

Athleisure Upgraded

Still athleisure but white looks slightly smarter. The chunkier style of the trainers makes them stand out. The small brown bag makes the look appear effortless as it breaks up the monochrome and who needs a bag that actually fits all your stuff in it when you can have a tiny impractical one??

Break It Up

I initially bought this ribbon to recreate Patti Smith's look on the cover of "Horses", but it has turned out surprisingly versatile. I can add it to almost any outfit and it serves a variety of purposes. Here it helps to break up the dress and is a more inventive accessory than a jacket. Chunky black sandals are so on trend this summer. I got mine from New Look.

"Welcome to my Twisted Belt"

My belt's too big for me so I decided to tie it round my waist instead. The strap and buckle matches my sandals and that became more visible once I tied the belt instead of wearing it normally. The clutch adds a pop of colour. Colours for Spring? Groundbreaking.

I Stan for Thrifted Suede

This suede jacket that I thrifted for £5 is my go to jacket this summer. If it's colder than it should be at this time of year which, in England, it can be then you can throw on whatever jacket is your default jacket this season.

Smart Casual

Next I styled some more formal looks, which translates as wearing the shoes I wore for leavers ball. Long dresses are classically formal so you can get easily change a comfortable maxi dress day look to a chic evening outfit.

The Garden Party

Add a flower crown for a garden party. I couldn't bring myself to not pose ironically with the flower crown. Flower crowns have become so commercial and now have such a stigma. It's kind of sad because they represented so much at one point, but fashion keeps moving forwards and all that.

Black and White

Add a scarf in a matching colour/pattern for a subtle glamour upgrade. 

Hopefully you're now buzzing with inspiration to get out your maxi dress and try out or these looks. If not, I've heard that culottes are equally man repelling and equally on trend. You can buy the dress in this post here and similar black sandals here. I hope you all have a good weekend! 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

viktor & rolf make art

In the world of haute couture, it is a strongly held belief of mine that fashion should come to resemble art, because, unlike the ready-to-wear and resort collections, they are not made to sell, but to show their audience what the brand is capable of when given the time to hand craft pieces in intricate detail. In challenge to the satiated debate of fashion's place in the art world (made all the more topical by "Savage Beauty" at the V&A), Viktor & Rolf made clothes that serve the dual purpose of adorning the body and decorating the wall. Their Fall 2015 couture collection seemed to fly in the faces of art snobs who believe that fashion is too functional to be considered art. Many a time I have joked that if I could buy a luxury high fashion garment I would frame it, and last week Viktor & Rolf showed that this is not an entirely insensible idea. Their pieces looked just as elegant hanging from a wall as they did hanging from the frame of a model; if not more so simply because in front of a white wall they were instantly elevated to the position of art. This is the kind of innovation that I live for; the creativity that reminds me why I have loved fashion for so long and why I never tire of writing about it.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

valley of the dolls

Whilst reading "Valley of the Dolls" last month I fell in love with trashy Hollywood vibes. Such sickly sweet images can sometimes hide something more sour and sinister and it is this paradox that I find endlessly fascinating. Even when you are aware of the illusory nature of the American dream of making it as a movie star and being ceaselessly happy for the rest of your life, you cannot help but long for a lifestyle of hot pink and swimming pools; flashing lights and fawning fans. Ask me what I've done since I finished exams and I'd probably mumble a sentence or two about Alexander McQueen and a couple of other days out, but other than that I couldn't really say. Summer has reached the point where everyday merges together and I am daydreaming of a different life full of exciting events, champagne parties, rooftop pools. Though this life would look pretty from the exterior, it would not be sustainable in reality.

In "Valley of the Dolls" the main characters all appear to have achieved their dreams, but in reality their lives are falling apart. I find such disparity between appearance and reality really interesting, even more so given the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram where you have the ability to make your life look perfect. Fashion is also often guilty of such glamorisation. One editorial can give the appearance of a flawless yet unattainable lifestyle. I channel the dreamy Hollywood aesthetic through wearing obnoxiously girly clothes. "Valley of the Dolls" could be seen as obnoxiously girly literature, but partly because of that it is laced with feminist ideals that help to make it a brilliant read. 

1. Lana Del Rey 2. Interior of Eaton House 3. Sharon Tate in Valley of the Dolls (1967) 4. Elle magazine 5. Charli XCX 6. 24-Hour Party People by Maria Fernanda for Rookie 7. All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go by Erica, Chelsea Peacock and Rebekah Campbell for Rookie 8. Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 9. Belly Laughs by Kaleemah for Rookie 10. Summer's Last Gasp by Tara for Rookie 11. The Secret Life of the Overlooked by Autumn de Wilde for Rookie 12. Meadham Kirchhoff Spring/Summer 2012 13. Americana playlist from Rookie 14. Versace Spring/Summer 2007 15. Arvida Bystrom 16. Tavi Gevinson 17. Prada Spring/Summer 2012