Thursday, 3 September 2015

marc jacobs fall 2015

Marc Jacobs' beautiful Fall 2015 show was reminiscent of a gothic fairytale, as models, headed by fashion industry veteran Erin O’Connor, stomped down the runway at a powerful pace to the disconcerting soundtrack from “Requiem for a Dream”, like killers stalking their victims. The look was sensual and enchanted, with a sinister undertone that the soundtrack and lighting forced the audience to acknowledge head on. Its jarring sound built a tense atmosphere, like the inhalation of breath that comes with someone confidently walking past, dressed in an elegant and sexy head to toe Marc Jacobs Fall 2015 ensemble. 

Queen Erin: Kicking the show off to a powerful start.

Welcome to the 60s: Jacobs was inspired by Diana Vreeland

Inspired by late US Vogue editor-in-chief Diana Vreeland, the collection was intimidating in the same glamorous way that the entrance of the Vreeland inspired magazine editor is in the 1957 Audrey Hepburn film, “Funny Face.” The feminine early 1960s-esque skirts also mirrored Vreeland's era, with the threatening yet aspirational tone reflective of the exclusivity and elitism of Vreeland's fashion industry.

A Gothic Fairytale: In the show the pink slashes across this coat shimmer like blood in the dark.

Darkness predominated; creating the impression of a funeral march. There are contrasting opinions on all black outfits- despised by Anna Wintour and reported to prove intelligence and sexiness by Dazed magazine- but it is inarguable that Jacobs skilfully worked with the colour to bring out the best in it, resulting in chic and elegant pieces that are far from dull and ordinary.

Power Suits: Industry veteran Erin O'Connor set the powerful tone of the collection, which came into fruition in this stand out pink suit worn by Aya Jones.

The collection closed with a cluster of delicate gowns, finally revealing a vulnerability behind the predatory former looks. The diaphanous dresses revealed more, were more personal. Perhaps they represented the other side of the powerful, fast-paced women draped in structured black garments. Overall, despite its vastness the looks were consistently beautiful throughout. It covered a spectrum of emotions; beneath the disturbing and the powerful was a sensuality and romance. Though dark, it was not one-dimensionally so. 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

if i could do just one near perfect thing i'd be happy

I bought a Belle & Sebastian CD early last month and listened to it on repeat for a few days. The simple admiration for nature and appreciation of love's existence in art matched what had been on my mind this summer. I was obsessed with the lyrics but the only way to really convey them in a post was through screencaps from "God Help The Girl" directed by Belle & Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch and featuring his music. As much as I love Belle & Sebastian, the film was disappointing. It was beautiful at times but the sad girl narrative is worn out and it glamourised mental illness in a way that made me feel uncomfortable. It's a cute film, but it could have addressed some of the issues in a more educated and sensitive way. 

Summer is almost over now, but I started this post a few weeks ago when everyday the world seemed bright green, not grey. I made some vague and easy to accomplish goals at the beginning of the summer so that I would not be disappointed at the end of it. Antonio wrote them out originally as general rules for life, but I adapted some of them for the summer: 
1. Be with nature wherever you are. Climb trees, lie in the grass (even if you think it might be wet) and genuinely marvel at the sky always.
2. Read, listen, watch, feel, think.
3. Always be aware of how romantic things are. Photograph them, write them down. Remember. Crystallise. 
4. Keep dancing. On your own, with a friend, with your dog, indoors, outdoors, every which way.
5. Don't waste time hating you. 

I want to carry this ethos through all the seasons. Next month I'll be near the Peak District and I'll have lots of new books, music and films to discover. Belle & Sebastian's songs often sound sad, but I think that they're all very hopeful. They remind you that no matter what happens and no matter how lonely you are there's still nature, books, music and films. I've been thinking of things more organically. I walk and run more to be with nature than to ~lose weight or anything like that and I read/watch/listen to expand my understanding of the world instead of feeling in competition with other people who have read/seen/listened to more than me. This post got cheesy very quickly, but it's truuee (I say with exaggerated gesticulation.) 

I'm still accepting submissions for the next issue of my zine, Girl Gangs and Gladioli. The original deadline was the end of August, but don't worry if you miss it. It's moving quite slowly but as long as I get done before I go to uni then it's fine. All submissions are welcome, but I am especially looking for visual (photography, drawings etc.) pieces. Send them all to

1, 3, 5, 6- God Help The Girl, 7- Calla Fall 2014, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13- Botanical Gardens in Glasgow via tumblr

is your black shirt black enough?


I defied Anna Wintour and my resolution to wear more white when I wore this outfit. I think I wore it to go shopping, but it was a couple of weeks ago and everything's becoming blurry and summertime sadness-esque as August draws to an end. I'm looking forward to winter, though I wish the non-stop rain would cease because it's claustrophobic and there are only so many times that I can sing and dance to "Happy When It Rains" before I admit that largely I am not happy when it rains.

I'm excited for winter because next month I'm moving to Sheffield for university. As much as I love the suburbs, I'm ready to go somewhere where things actually happen more often. (Okay, so the main reason I'm going is because they have a feminist craft class during freshers' week)

I haven't been posting on here so frequently lately. Last week was busy. I went to the cinema to see The Diary of a Teenage Girl, which was good but in some ways not as radical as I thought it might be. My Mad Fat Diary discussed the same taboos and more. I think British films/TV do have a tendency to be more honest so it was refreshing to see an American film like TDOATG. I don't want to give anything away because I think everyone should go and see it (or find a link online if you're not old enough to see it in cinemas.) It's ridiculous that teenage girls cannot go and watch films about themselves that could actually be very informative and save a lot of hours worrying about whether you're abnormally different to everyone else. What's even more absurd is that, because teenage girls aren't allowed in the cinema, it fills up with old men instead. The cinema was almost empty when I went but three old men came in to watch the film. It made me angry because I felt like that film was my territory and they were invading that space. The Diary of a Teenage Girl was an honest film which viewed teenage girls largely through the female gaze, so hopefully they left feeling informed and less enchanted by underage girls.

Last Thursday I saw Misty Miller perform at the Windmill. It was such a fun night. I didn't take any photos. I thought about it at the time but it was nice to just soak up the atmosphere. My friend made notes because she was there to write a review of the gig, so I can remember it through that. The venue was a friendly local pub, but they always have good music playing there and draw in an artistic clientele. I talked to new people, discovered new music and managed to just get on the last train home in time despite having to run to the station.

I hope you've been having a lovely summer!

Monday, 17 August 2015


Wearing: Topshop jacket, t-shirt from Camden, Espirit dress (worn as skirt), Nike trainers.

Firstly, I apologise for the not so great quality of these photographs. I couldn't decide what setting to take them in and most of them turned out really blurry. Ugh x 100000. Since returning from Keffalonia I've slipped back into the midsummer routine of spending days that seem decades long at home reading, writing and watching Gossip Girl. Hence, I've been dressing in comfortable clothes that make the tiring journeys from my bedroom to the kitchen to make coffee as stress-free as possible. This outfit is one of the more creative looks I've put together. I definitely feel more confident when I take a little time to wear something different. Other days I tend to dress inspired by off-duty models which more often than not entails skinny jeans and shirts. The day I wore this outfit I did actually leave the house (!) to go for a walk then look round the local charity shops. I found a gorgeous silky shirt, but decided to look elsewhere before buying it. When I went back to the shop it had shut so I consoled myself with a tootsie roll and the latest issue of Dazed. Perhaps it's for the best. I've become a hoarder of elegant charity shop shirts. They are perhaps the only items that make it seem appropriate to the put the words "elegant" and "charity shop" next to each other.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

i don't play nice

White is often interpreted as a somewhat boring colour, only mildly more adventurous than its darker opposite, black. However, whilst it is true that white is not as attention grabbing as brighter colours, this does not limit its potential. Working with a plain colour, designers are forced to focus on the details and the quality, therefore producing clean, structured pieces. There are no distractions or illusions; just a blank canvas. Craig Green demonstrated the colour's structural and emotive potential in his SS15 collection where the models wore all white to create the idea of a minimalist lifestyle. Green described the collection as a protest and though he did not detail what it was protesting against, the colour white has connotations of peace and purity; two ideas that are often central in constructing an emotive argument. White is gender neutral and can be worn all year round. That said, it is rare to see someone wearing head-to-toe white. To do so is daring not only in the same respect as colour blocking is, but because white clothes show up every crease and every stain wearing them for everyday life is risky. That said, I have a new found appreciation for white and I can't wait to start finding pieces to layer this autumn.

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