Monday, 24 February 2014

we may be hidden by rags but we've something they'll never have

On Thursday I went to London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House. I purchased Bronze tickets and there were no spaces left in any of the fashion shows. However, the sartorial inspiration was in no way lacking. I took some photographs of the outfits that captured my attention the most. Overall, the event was a fashion filled fantasy with free Maybelline makeup demonstrations and special deals on everything from designer labels to coffee machines. It was a really exciting place to be and I'm looking forward to hopefully going again in September. 

Outside the event
Fancy decor inside
My favourite room was filled with clothes by designers such as Marcus Lupfer and Bella Freud, above which hung metallic silver balloons. It was really lovely to see- not only in this room but in many others too- clothes in the flesh that I had viewed as part of collections on It was especially lovely to be in the presence of Bella Freud's 'Ginsberg is God, Goddard is Dog' jumper which I have lusted after for so long. I plan on recreating my own version of it and maybe save up for the candle too (is £37 for a candle too excessive?)

Um...I need this jumper.

Their hair is on-point. Obviously their outfits are gorgeous too, however I always notice that when in London there are so many more exciting hair styles and colours. The outfit on the left looks like nightwear which is uber cool. The shoes are wonderful also. 

I was wearing a Vero Moda coat, Marc B handbag, Smiths t-shirt from Camden market (more on that later), butterfly trousers from Primark, socks from Topshop and shoes from Rocketdog. 

This was my favourite outfit out of all the outfits that I saw on Thursday. There is detail in every aspect of it from the hat and sunglasses to the shoes and socks. It inspired me to try and accessorise more and not be afraid of pairing lots of statement pieces.

These girls all looked so glamorous. All the trousers are beautiful. I love the outfit on the left because it is quite smart and formal looking but the burst of colour sourced from the neon bag livens it up and the subtle pattern on the trousers adds a delicate elegance. The opulent pattern on the middle pair of trousers is what caught my eye upon first glance (along the studded shoes on the right.) The coat also has a comfortable and warm yet stylish looking texture. The shoes on the girl standing on the right are my favourite. They are so stunning but I wouldn't fancy walking around London all day in them! Furthermore, the colour of the trousers is very beautiful.

These three look intimidatingly cool. They pull off the all black everything look flawlessly. The skirt on the left, the jacket in the middle and the shoes on the right are my favourite items in this picture. Actually, all the shoes are gorgeous and I love every part of the middle outfit. These people all look so well groomed and have really cool hair. 

Fashion shows on the projector near the entrance

These girls look so ~hip. I saw a mass of denim and headed in their direction. Then I saw the fur coat too and decided that I must photograph them. I love the baggy pastel dyed jeans paired with the boots. It just looks so cool- especially with the hairstyle and jacket as well. From a distance the middle look could seem like more double denim but up close it is just an example of excellent colour coordination. The Converses add to this chilled out vibe that is present among the two girls on the right. The girl on the left, however, is like the more glamorous friend with a chic fur coat and oversized handbag. I love photographing people in groups and I find that in London well-dressed people hang out together. It seems like they are all starring in a film with specifically designed costumes or something.

I love this girl's outfit because it seems really teen, but well coordinated nonetheless. The little plaits in her hair add to the laidback look emphasised through the jacket and the shoes.

On Thursday it was 30 years since The Smiths' self-titled debut album was released. I celebrated by wearing my Smiths t-shirt, listening to the album on vinyl in the morning and the evening as well as tweeting all my favourite lyrics from the album. It is a fantastic album and is still as beautiful 30 years after its release. I thoroughly recommend that you listen to it in its entirety although my favourite songs are 'Reel Around The Fountain', 'The Hand That Rocks The Cradle' and 'Still Ill.' 

In other music history, today would be George Harrison's 71st birthday if not for his sad and untimely death in 2001. I shall commemorate this by crying to 'All Things Must Pass.'

Saturday, 15 February 2014

concrete jungle where dreams are made

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK. It was trending on Twitter all of last week. I have been watching live feeds and YouTube videos as well as browsing when I can. I must admit that New York is probably my least favourite city as far as fashion week is concerned. (I still love it as a city overall though please let me visit and maybe live there.) London has lots of youthful vibes and street style influences. Milan has an exotic, colourful flirtatious side. Paris has the main classic, luxurious couture brands and a certain romantic charm. 

New York makes me think of 'Devil Wears Prada' which, of course, is by no means a bad thing. However, the majority of collections seem very serious and really quite conservative. The models look miserable, the colour schemes are grey and the sets are minimalistic. When I watch a show I really look out for something that I have never seen before; something that makes me sit up and really pay attention. A lot of the New York collections remind me of Lucy/Tom Tom's new concept for Poise magazine '13 Going On 30' where everything is "death by fashion" vibes. I mean, sure, death can be interesting but there isn't much worth dying for at New York Fashion week.

Okay, I am aware that so far I have been so completely slating the autumn/winter 2014-15 collections so far. Not every collection ever is going to be as magical as Meadham Kirchhoff or as spectacular as Chanel. However, there have been a number of interesting concepts and beautiful sartorial choices in this past week. Here are some of my favourites:

A D├ętacher via

The left hand side outfit seems somewhat synonymous with art student attire; a look that I am really digging at the moment (partially because I wish that I was studying art ugh.) The loose hanging fabric has a sort of apron look but the tartan keeps it stylish and up-to-date. I adore that the socks  show off just a tiny bit of skin above the knee when the model walks. 

As for the look on the right, I have decided that I like slogans on clothing as long as they are creative and original, or at least somehow ironic. I really want to wear a dress that says 'DRUG MULE' on it to travel by air but I doubt that security would find it particularly amusing. 

Adam Lippes via

The outfit on the left combines two of my favourite looks at the moment: square prints and monochrome. The shirt style is smart but in a careless kind of way as it is an item that can just be thrown on. Since September, I have had to dress 'smartly' for school and that has mostly led to a monochromatic colour palette in most of my outfits. I am also very drawn to clean, geometric lines due to this. The only problem with no longer having to wear school uniform to school is that at the weekends now I usually chill out in band t-shirts, shorts and patterned tights whereas I used to be more experimental and creative because it was the only sartorial freedom I had. Or maybe it's just because I keep acquiring more band t-shirts from ebay. 

The dress on the right is breathtakingly gorgeous. If it's blue and interestingly shaped, chances are I have fallen head-over-heels in love with it. This is even more likely if there are twenties undertones in some parts of the design. The tassels remind me of flapper dresses. There has been a theme of dresses that hang off the figure in all the chosen outfits so far. This also reminds me of the 1920s. This look works best on those with a boyish figure (ie. not me because I have really wide hips but I adore the '20s so will wear such garments anyway #yolo.) 

Anna Sui via

Anna Sui's vast Autumn/Winter collection touched on a number of themes. My favourite was Art Deco. The look most obviously inspired by this era is on the left. Even the model's hair and makeup lends itself to the roaring decade. The model actually reminds me of Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan Baker in Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of 'The Great Gatsby.' The coat and the jacket underneath have Chanel-esque vibes that have rung through a number of collections across the past century. The tassels coming from underneath look so fabulous. I imagine that wearing them feels so wonderful as only then could you appreciate and feel the full beauty and intricacy of each piece of fabric. The slightly masculine footwear reflects the start of women making their way in a man's world in the 1920s. Androgynous footwear always looks fantastic; especially with dresses.

I was initially drawn to the other look because of the leopard print coat. I love love love leopard print coats at the moment and I know that it is at least 95% down to Edie Sedgwick. However, Sui does not allow the coat to overpower the rest of the outfit. The cream dress underneath is delicately embroidered. The pale colour scheme overall creates a very romantic tone. 

Badgley Mischka via

I am so thankful for the dress on the left because I can now reference a more recent fashion show than Salvatore Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2012 when wearing this dress. I much prefer it to the Salvatore Ferragamo one, as it does not have the tacky sheen to it. However, the material is equally light and floaty.

The righthand look is very sixties. The cat eye sunglasses are featured throughout the collection. I find cat eyes so timelessly gorgeous. The cute and preppy tartan skirt and spiced up with sparkly striped tights. Overall, it is a fabulously styled outfit.

Badgley Mischka and Thakoon Addition via

In this outfit we see a combination of the above Badgley Mischka looks. There is the leopard pattern on the dress and the 1960s inspired shape of it, as well as the sixties-esque hat. It is altogether a very classy, sophisticated look. In an outfit like that, anyone would look like they know where they are going and what they want.

I love the effect of triple-layering in this look. It is very interestingly created. I own similar pieces so would like to try it out. It would work well for a school look as it looks quite smart.

Organic by John Patrick and Lisa Perry via

Organic by John Patrick's collection looks like a window display for The White Company. White white white is everywhere. The colour of purity, cleanliness; of everything being just so. The proportions of this outfit are perfect. Polonecks, although often shunned, are on trend and I adore them; especially with swept back, neatly parted hair. The silver boots, however, add a rebellious tone to this flawless look. I have just realised how much I love metallic boots. Why doesn't everyone own a pair of metallic boots? 

This look by Lisa Perry epitomises my obsession with geometric monochrome. The coat is such a gorgeous cocoon shape too (like this jumper of mine.) The pattern is so attention grabbing and the shoes coordinate with it in a way that it sure to gain you compliments. 

to be continued...