Sunday, 27 October 2013


Marianne Faithfull is a beautiful human being. In the sixties especially her looks were girly and cute but, throughout her career, she has always promoted rebellion (e.g. the title of this post.) This is something I relate to. I also feel that it is an important message as far as feminism is concerned. Dressing up in feminine dresses and spending (and enjoying the time you spend) time on your hair and makeup doesn't make you any less of a strong person or any less ready to 'smash the patriarchy', as it were. Typing it now, it seems archaic that some people still think that it does.

Marianne is a true sixties icon. Not only as a musician, but also as an actress. I have only seen one film that she features in: Made in USA. However, perhaps the most interesting Marianne Faithfull film trivia is this: in 1967's 'I'll Never Forget What's 'is Name' Marianne became the first person ever to say 'fuck' in a mainstream studio picture.

Marianne's physical beauty is the kind that makes you ache inside then shrivel up in sadness because only the lucky few acquire such flawless traits. Her makeup is quite typical of the era; cat-eye liquid eyeliner accompanied by an impeccable complexion. Marianne's freckles further her aesthetic charm and make her a bit more individual against her peers/rivalling icons of the time.

In the sixties, Marianne was in a very high profile relationship with Mick Jagger. The couple became the epitome of Swinging Sixties London but the reality was much more bleak. It was during her relationship with Jagger that Marianne got into drugs. In 1970, their relationship ended and Marianne lost her son (from a previous marriage.) Her drug addiction spiralled out of control. She later said about that time of her life that, "To be a male drug addict and to act like that is always enhancing and glamorising. A woman in that situation becomes a slut and a bad mother."

By the late seventies, Marianne back to making music. In 1979, 'Broken English' was released which fitted in well with flourishing punk movement and therefore a brilliant way to burst back onto the British music scene. Since then she has released lots of wonderful music.

Marianne's style has gone through lots of phases over the years. This one, however, remains my favourite and is the most instantly recognisable when referring to early on in Marianne's career.

Marianne Faithfull {Sixties Queen}

Oasis floral dress

Ballet flat
£8.97 -

Isabel Marant gold jewelry
£350 -

Red heart glasses
£2.10 -

Sunday, 20 October 2013


This issue took me a long time to make. The theme is Books&Bowie and it's 70 pages long. I think I will make them shorter now (the other 2 issues were about 30-40 pages long) because, with school work as well, they take a long time to make. I also want to make lots of them because I have all the themes planned so it's probably better than they are more compacted and concise. As usual, there is writing, photography, fashion, music, book reviews etc. I am willing to do a zine swap with anyone who has made their own zine or something similar. You can download the PDF from my Etsy shop. The back issues are also still available and, as they are smaller, you can buy a physical copy of them. Here are a few pages to give you an idea of the issue:

This is the cover. I apologise for the slight marks on it but these things happen when you carry something round with you constantly for 2 months.

For more information/questions email You can also send any contributions for the next issue (theme: Crimes & Coco Chanel) to that email address. Follow me on tumblr and/or twitter for updates about 'Pretty' zine.

Thursday, 10 October 2013


To break away from the catwalk reviews and personal style posts I've been focusing on lately, I decided to do a post that is more accessible (and also fun to do.) Urban Outfitters always have beautiful clothes (and books and records) in stock and these are my favourites that are available right now.

Monochrome prints are timelessly chic.

Staring at Stars in 3D Jumper £42.00, Cooperative Dungarees £65.00, Sparkle & Fade X-Ray Leggings £28.00. 
Darker colours are perfect for autumn. They are also suitable for office-wear. As Yohji Yamamoto said, "Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy- but mysterious." I love the jumpers/shorts/tights look at the moment. Those dungarees are such a gorgeous, statement piece. I also love interesting tights and leggings right now. I keep laddering all my favourite tights so I think it's safer for me to invest in some cool leggings. 

BDG Distressed Jeans £60, Parka Jacket £235, Vintage O&O Tartan Trousers £48.  
These three pieces have quite a boyish feel. I literally do not own a pair of jeans but I have been looking for some distressed/boyish jeans for ageeeeessss. It seems that womenswear shops only stock skinny jeans ughughugh. That parka is gorgeous but quite pricey. Tartan is my favourite. I really need to get some tartan trousers to wear to school with shirts. 

Olivetti Lettera 22 Typewriter £120, Crosley Floral Mini Turntable £150.
I've spent the past few weeks searching for a good quality Olivetti on eBay. I didn't realise that you can buy them from Urban Outfitters. That turntable is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. It does look a little flimsy though. (That is my feeble attempt at justifying the purchase of my chunkier Steepletone one.)

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


In the Chanel Spring 2014 collection, Lagerfeld seems to have merged together myriad ideas. This by no means makes it messy. The hair and makeup is consistent throughout along with the trademark tweed that Lagerfeld has never moved away from completely. The collection starts with pink. Pink, pink, pink everywhere. Was Karl Lagerfeld not the one who once famously- or infamously- proclaimed, 'think pink but don't wear it'? Has he changed his mind? Or was that saying merely wit for the sake of wit? All we know is that, here, we have pink in abundance. Pink has many connotations; girls, bubblegum, flowers, candyfloss, milkshake, ballet, lipstick. Basically, ALL THE FUN THINGS. Pink is often shamed as a silly, bimbo-esque colour but goddammit WHY??? Because it's associated with femininity which- as our society is still leaning to the patriarchal side (ugh)- is seen as a weakness. Let's clean this up now: pink is awesome and it seems even Kaiser Karl agrees now. That said, pink does not have to be a pretty, girly colour (see look 2 in the collection.) It be a kick-ass -feminist-punk colour. Go for darker shades, stick safety pins every and bitchface. Voila! 

Some of the collection has quite a '60s vibe. A number of things could be responsible for this. Almost every Chanel collection owes its inspiration to the late '50s and early '60s because that is of course when the popularity of the classic Chanel tweed suit was at its highest. In this collection however there are more nuances owing themselves to the era of beautiful fashion and music. The white boots resemble go-go boots worn with bright, patterned shift dresses. Pastel colours are also something that I associate with the '60s. Some of the dresses are of a similar length to those at the time and they hang down loose in a quintessential 1960s way. Other looks in the collection seem to be inspired by the 1980s and our space-age perception of the future.

Despite this being a Spring collection, bundled up layering seems to be another trend on this catwalk. This is great news with colder weather fast approaching so taking inspiration from these looks can be put into action right away. 

Lagerfeld really has made sure that there is something for every activity to fit into the Chanel wearer's lifestyle of brunches, gym sessions with your personal trainer, tea parties, clubbing, parties, lovely strolls around your acres of land...Obviously, many of these apply to the average wearer of cheaper clothing too. This is the sort of outfit that you could run through the woods in if the highly likely zombie apocalypse happens (like Mae Whitman suggests that you should always be dressed appropriately for.)

I feel as though this one is influenced by how I used to dress when I was 11. It's quite grungey but also a little punky. At least there are enough bags to carry everything you need!

Distanced from the punk aesthetic, we have a collation of pure, white dresses. The hair and makeup contrasts with the clean, beautiful look but that really only makes it more beautiful. White is like snow, daisies and pearls; all pretty and delicate. It needs hardening up with some dark eye makeup.

Look 68 seems to be the makeup artist or, at least, someone posing as the makeup artist. It is a fabulous idea to integrate into the show, seeing as the anime-esque makeup is essential to the concept- whatever that may be.

It's funny that I had never thought of wearing a cardigan over swimwear as a style statement. It looks gorgeous. It is nice to see a stereotypically summery outfit amongst the layering and not season specific clothing throughout the rest of the collection. Even the colour scheme screams summer. 

The heart monitor style sweater could be disturbing and medical- if, like me, you find most medical things quite scary and disturbing. However, it is actually a very sweet idea; hearts and love and baby pink sweaters all considered. It is a very interesting take on romantic imagery. It may not take to the streets so easily (although it would be fabulous if it did) but it is another piece of proof that fashion IS art.

The paint palette theme is possibly the most common recurrence throughout the collection. The above look looks very much like an art student on their way to college. The pearl necklace could be headphones, the cross-body bag is practical, the sketchbook under the arm essential and oops the dress got paint all over it but it actually looks better than it did before. This outfit seems very contemporary and young; stretching further away from the tweed suits in abundance earlier on in the collection.

- Pink
- Punk
- 1960s
- Layering
- Sportswear
- Grunge
- White
- Art students
- Paint pallette prints

(That's pretty much everything. It's a good job that we know that Karl Lagerfeld has never exhausted all his ideas because he covered quite a bit of ground in this collection.)  


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