Saturday, 11 May 2013

Pretty Passions, Fine Fashions #57

Just Kids, Literature, Britpop and Edie Sedgwick

I finished reading Just Kids by Patti Smith last Sunday and it has been on my mind at some point of the day every day since then. I wrote a review (sort of) in my journal, which you can see below.

It seemed fitting that the same day I finished Just Kids I watched Factory Girl. Throughout Just Kids there had been various references to Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick, but I knew little about them until I watched Factory Girl. As people, I don't like Edie and Andy as much as I like Robert and Patti but I do find them fascinating. 

I started rereading The Great Gatsby today because I am going to see the Baz Luhrmann adaption on Thursday. I read the novel for the first time around September last year because I was expecting the film to be released in December, but then they pushed the release date back more than four months and I feel like I should read it again. I feel like I am appreciating it a lot more this time. I started reading one of Fitzgerald's Flapper and Philosophers short stories recently. He is such a brilliant writer. His descriptions are beautiful, but sometimes I lose concentration. That is something that I find does not happen with writers like Oscar Wilde. I loved reading On the Road by Jack Kerouac and would like to read more of Kerouac's novels. I love Allen Ginsberg's poetry also and it turns out that Ginsberg was friends with Patti Smith. I read Great Expectations a couple of years ago and looking back on it it was good but I think I need to reread it now I'm older. I will probably study The Great Gatsby for English Literature A Level next year. I just hope that all the over analysis that will be forced to do for the exam will not ruin the greatness of the novel. 

This week's NME has the top one hundred britpop songs. Number one is 'Common People' by Pulp. I have been playing that song over and over this weekend. Pulp might be one of my new favourite bands. Second on the list is 'Girls & Boys' by Blur which I don't like as much at all. I'm still undecided as to whether I like britpop as a genre or whether I just like Pulp as a band. Steve Lamacq described 'Common People' as going to number 5 in the charts as feeling like, "the inmates have taken over the asylum" and that sort of sums up why I like the independent music industry because it has the ability to do that. 

Surprise, surprise: this week's style inspiration comes from Edie Sedgwick. Think stripes and chandelier earrings and really really short black hotpants with striped t-shirts.

Edie Sedgwick

VILA transparent shirt / Summer top / Uniqlo / Miss Selfridge turtle neck shirt, £18 / Micro shorts / Boutique 9 pointed-toe pumps, £45 / Marc Jacobs , £1,360 / Oasis seashell jewelry / Silver filigree earrings, £56

Friday, 3 May 2013

Ask Me, Ask Me, Ask Me


In this post I attempt to answer some deeply serious, meaningful, philosophical questions as posed in the Q+A issue of i-D magazine (Spring 2013) by its contributors. I will try to get round to posting one of these posts a day but, you know, GCSEs and stuff.

What, when, where, who and how?

This, now, my living room, however you want.

What shape is space?

A big shape.

Do our souls live and die with our physical body, or do they continue and become re-born?

I will say that they become re-born because if I am wrong then the other souls will die too and someone else's soul will not be able to tell my soul that it was wrong. However, if we are re-born I can tell the other souls that they were wrong if they said that our souls die.

Next weeks lottery numbers please?

37, 04, 06, 38, 07, 05, 39

Why can't we feel amazing all of the time forever?

I really don't know :(

How will I know?

You won't but nevermind. Ignorance is bliss.

Why are there so many questions?

Because there are so many answers.

Does it all work out ok in the end?


Am I doing it right?

Yeah. Keep doing you.

Why does Mickey Mouse wear pants and no shirt while Donald Duck wears a shirt but no pants?

Have you seen Donald Duck's tail. He couldn't fit pants over that.