Saturday, 30 July 2011

summer colds

WHY? It's a horrible feeling when it happens but it happens to all of us. You just get to your summer break and you come down with a cold. You feel like shouting "What the hell? It's summer! How can I have a f***ing cold?! It's hot!" However, there isn't much you can do. It has happened to me more than once and unfortunately has happened to me this year. I feel fine now but I have sort of lost my voice, which is annoying seeing as teachers have told me to stop talking all year and now I finally have the chance to talk until my heart's content and I can't.

STYLE. The above Polyvore collage is of the sort of things that you might want to wear when you are really ill and just want something comfortable. I haven't been too ill so I have been dressing normally. I wore a dress yesterday and today (see the one I am wearing today at the bottom of this post.)

autumn/winter blues

Isabel de Pedro glamorous dress
£100 -

Oasis floral print dress
£40 -

Formal prom dress
$40 -

Linen coat
£3,275 -

Navy vest
$85 -

Alexon navy jacket
£30 -

Fur coat

Manolo Blahnik mary jane shoes
$835 -

Blue handbag
$16 -

Blue hoop earrings
$29 -

Short lace glove
£27 -

Asos Suede Brogues
$55 -

Jil Sander Navy Athena Tunic
$990 -

1460 Womens Indigo -Patent Mcmarten Tartan
$115 -

IN. The above collage features this season's trends. From jewel toned dresses to manish styles. I have a post planned where I will describe each trend in more detail. Last season (spring/summer 2011) saw blue as one of the most popular shades and seeing as it is still summer it is still very popular however, this autumn and winter a lot more black will be worn not only because it is colder but because it is a key colour of the catwalk shows for autumn/winter 2011/12.

What I Wore Today:

Dress by Graffic
Song of the Day:
After hearing the Little Lady version of this song that I posted yesterday I have started to appreciate the original more. It is still sad but they are meaningful and catchy songs nonetheless.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Coco Chanel Monologue

For our end of term drama project we had to write and perform a monologue on a person throughout history who had lived a very interesting life. I chose Coco Chanel. 

Dear Diary, December 1970. I feel that the end of my life is close by. My friends have left me one by one and I am an old woman now. Each day I am becoming less and less independent. I am becoming a lot more reliant on morphine. I wish I could live the final years of my life naturally but I have so many memories and I am frightened to stare old age head on. The drug is my substitute for love. I use it to help get to sleep: my only defence against the night. However, it does not stop the constant nightmares and sleepwalking. Sometimes I rise from my bed, get my scissors, sit at my dressing table and start cutting my pyjamas, stabbing the material. Each time I wake up in horror at what I have done. What would Boy think if he could see me now? Aah Boy Capel. He was an Englishman, born William Capel, Boy being his nickname. The love of my life. He believed in me. Without him I would not have had the money to set up my business. Do you know what he said to me after he gave me that money and my business took off? He said "Coco, I thought I gave you a toy, I gave you freedom." Sweet, sweet Boy. How I miss you. 22nd December 1919. It's over half a century ago you were in that accident. Nothing could disguise the love we had for each other. But he had to go and get married and make me his mistress. His family would not have approved of me back then. I wonder who he would prefer now? An international celebrity or that lady in her dusty old castle? I met Boy through a friend, Etienne Balsan. I met Etienne when I was performing, singing at an inn with my aunt. "Qui qua qui qua vu Coco?" The song that gave me my name. I used to dream of being a performer. One of my few childhood dreams, struggling to stay alive in a pool of loneliness and nightmares. My mother died when I was six years old and immediately afterwards my father dropped me off at Aubazine where I was to be raised by nuns. I waited for a visit from my father every Sunday, but he never came back. I never saw him again. I later discovered he had moved to America with his new girlfriend. I didn't matter to him anymore. My aunts would visit me but when they did they hit me and starved me. I often thought of killing myself. In the books that I read death seemed so romantic, such an adventure and rather more appealing than my then miserable life. It depresses me so to dwell on the past. It was all so dark, just so, so dark.
The Second World War was significantly more frightening than the first. Not only for my personal safety but for the safety of my business too. France was living in terror and I closed all my boutiques throughout the Nazi occupation. However, when rumours started to circulate about my alleged affair with a Nazi officer I feared that a reopening would be unsuccessful. The First World War did not affect me much. I was just starting out back then. I was designing and making hats. My dreams to become a performer were crushed when my aunt went off to marry a baron. I tried to make it as a soloist, but failed. I stayed at my day job as a seamstress but one day I decided I would leave to go and live with Etienne Balsan. Whilst there I encountered numerous women who wore tight fitted corsets, heavy gowns and ridiculously large hats. When I was with Boy we would joke about how silly they looked. Boy admired my style. I dressed sort of like a man; chinos and waistcoat but I was so much more comfortable than those ladies who walked around unable to breathe, dressed in curtains with meringues on their heads.
I used to claim that I did not value marriage. However, I did not consider growing old all on my own; loveless. Ah well, it's getting late now; probably time for my injection. Good night.

rip amy

It did have another post planned but I simply could not go without paying tribute to Amy Winehouse who was discovered to be dead at 4pm yesterday. It is currently suspected that she OD'd but the autopsy is yet to be carried out and the causes confirmed. However, instead of dwelling on today's tragic events I would rather focus on the highlights of her life and of course her style. Although she is certainly not a positive role model to the young girls of today she is a style icon nonetheless. She is well known for popularising the beehive, bold eye makeup and ballet flats. Her look is very iconic. However, it is difficult to define her exact sense of style. All this taken into account, she did not consider herself as a style icon however, she did contribute to the style world by teaming up with Fred Perry and here she is modelling her collection last October.

Here Amy Winehouse looks like any young, sophisticated woman but you can tell by her hairstyle and and tattoos that she is more than just your ordinary girl next door. Image from Italian Vogue.

Any woman that can boast a Vogue cover must be something special. This September 2007 cover of American Vogue was arranged after Anna Wintour fell in love with Amy's platinum selling album, Back to Black. The editor in chief immediately wanted Amy in Vogue as she was astounded by her talent. Image from:

Her distinctive look dictated the styling of the Paris-Londres Metiers d'Art collection for Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld in 2007. Robert Cavalli previously called her "a fashion icon because she is unique", and I could not agree more. The London-based footwear designer Jonathan Kelsey created a stiletto, the Amy, in her honour. She performed at a number of fashion oriented events including a Louis Vuitton party and a Fendi store opening.

Vogue Paris' editorial on Amy and her style from their February 2008 issue. Image from

It is suggested that throughout her career Winehouse was a muse for both Chanel and Guess. I think the reason why so many fashion people found her so intriguing was because she was so unique and different is good. Her personal life made her story more interesting still. Both photos from
Tweets Dedicated to Amy

"Rest in peace Amy Wine House. I hope the after life brings u the piece u were searching 4 on earth. Love MJB" Mary J Blige

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Made in Dagenham

Made in Dagenham
The sixties style is roaring its way down the catwalk of the autumn/winter collections. I am in love with shift dresses but I have not found the perfect one yet. Although, saying that I have found the perfect one although to say that it is out of my price range would be the understatement of the century. I am absolutely in love with this Prada dress;
Sorry it's a bit small click here to see a larger image and you can also see Vogue's favourite 60's styles.
 I have considered making it though. I have purchased a sewing machine recently, my mum paid for it. I would love to start making my own clothes but I haven’t really had much experience sewing. Perhaps I could buy a plain shift dress and sew on some materials or something... OK, I’ve made my decision. Whilst sitting here writing this I have decided that I simply cannot put it off any longer. I am going to make a shift dress that resembles the autumn/winter Prada one. I will probably wait until the summer holidays though but I promise to show it to you as soon as it is done. I would just like to thank Tavi Gevinson for inspiring me to do this. Oh my God; I spent the whole weekend googling Tavi's name and reading all the results. I had heard of her before but I wanted to find out more. She makes me so jealous but she is so inspirationl. Wish me luck with the dress!

The point is that sixties fashion is currently very prominent in the wardrobes of the most stylish ladies and I felt absolute dress envy when I watched the film Made in Dagenham yesterday. The film itself is a very moving story of a group of women fighting for equal pay. One of these women (probably my favourite character) wants to be a model and her style always stands out as she is hoping to be scouted. However, when she does get a modelling job she does not let it get in the way of the fight for equal pay which is very admirable.

I will add some more pictures soon!

Lots of Love,


Saturday, 9 July 2011

magic touch

  As you probably know, the final Harry Potter world premiere took place in London a couple of nights ago. The crowds stretched back as far as the eye could see. Some people had been camping out for days: waiting in anticipation for the stars to take to the red carpet together for possibly the final time. I can only imagine what it felt like for the people who had spent so long waiting when the cast and fellow celebrities stepped onto the red carpet and I don't think I can even begin to imagine what it would feel like to actually be on the red carpet, let alone be Daniel, Emma or Rupert. It was a very emotional evening but a definite magical sort of glamour filled the air...
I have no idea which one of the Phelps twins is but they both dressed very well so it's ok. I think more men should experiment with different smart/muted colours but keep a different design. Rating= 9/10.
Bonnie Wright brought a touch of old school Hollywood to Britain's red carpet. The red nails just completed this beautiful outfit. Rating= 9.5/10
The leading member of the cast dressed very gentlemanly in this suit and waistcoat ensemble. Rating= 9/10.
JK Rowling did look beautiful, it's just a shame about her dress. It looks like she is wearing an oversized cushion and it does absolutely nothing for her figure. Even if there was no cushion affect on this dress it would always be more garden party than red carpet. Rating= 4/10.

Helena Bonham-Carter sported a more wacky form of attire. However, I think she pulled it off pretty well. I love the sunglasses (very Gaga) but the bag definitely lets this outfit down. I screams anything but red carpet glamour, a neat clutch would fit in a lot better. The silk gown, head piece and sunglasses create a rather creatively fabulous outfit. I love it when celebs go out there with their style. It is a breath of fresh air even if in some cases they are just attention seeking. Rating= 7/10.

Emma dazzled her fans in Oscar de la Renta however, I think she could have looked a lot better. She is beautiful and so is her style but if she is trying to look more grown up like she keeps saying then she should have gone for a more grown up gown. She could have pulled off a more sophisticated look but instead she opted for a look that suggested it had been pulled out from a little girl's dressing up box. I mean no disrespect to Emma because she is one of my favourite actresses. I must admit this look has grown on me. I now like it a lot more than I used to. Rating= 6.5/10.
Rupert's outfit would have looked better if he had kept it more simple. I think he tried to complicate the outfit a bit too much by adding the jacket with a snakeskin embellishment. He should have just worn a plain black jacket. To read more about men's fashion head to my Fashion for Men post. Rating= 5/10.
Tom Felton arrived with Jade Olivia and Jade looked absolutely stunning. All white is bang on trend this season and Jade knocked this trend on the head. Tom kept it simple and it definitely worked. They made a perfect pair and I think they would both win the Best Dressed Award of the premiere in my opinion. Rating= 10/10.
Anna Wintour turned up also (how many of my idols can you fit on one red carpet?) in her signature shades and shift dress. I think Anna is the best representative for ageless style. She dresses perfectly for her age which is in some ways surprising seeing as the fashion industry is dominated by clothing suitable for younger ages so it is refreshing and reassuring to know that one of fashions greatest is not pressured and has not turned out as "mutton dressed like lamb." Rating= 7.5/10.

Return to Hollyworld

I finished Hollyworld a few months ago now and I have started on a sequel, named Return to Hollyworld (how original, right? ~sarcasm) I am not going to give away anything about the plot but here is the first draft of the first chapter:

The streets of New York City were deadly quiet. It was certainly too quiet for a Friday afternoon. There should be busy shoppers and tourist groups bustling past, swamping the pavement. However, this would be the opinion of someone who had lived several decades ago. Nowadays, 2081 that is, it is completely normal to see an empty New York street. No one went outside anymore. They had not done so ever since the Technological Revolution a decade earlier. It was true, there were some people that still enjoyed fresh air from time to time but they were in minority now. The majority stay inside; watching TV, browsing the web. Not many even did the latter anymore. Not many could read properly. Children were supposed to be educated but instead of attending school they watched online lessons. There were many flaws in the education system as many children did not bother with the lessons at all. Nobody worked other than the government. The government consisted of thousands of smiley, white teethed people who represented themselves to the world everyday via television sets. A range of inventions had been brought in; including scientifically bred robots that would take care of your every need; meaning that the globe was now full of morbidly obese layabouts.

Clik, clak, clik, clak, clik, clak. Coco Richardson walked round the corner onto the desolate street. She stopped outside an empty building that had used to be a shop. She stared at her reflection in the dusty window. She looked closely at her face. Not a wrinkle in sight. At nineteen years old she still had at least six years left of her career as a supermodel. If only they would give her the chance.

Now she was on a lonely street, simply staring at her sombre appearance in the window of a once lively city shop that was now dead and cobweb ridden.

Coco had stuck out from the crowd for as long as she could remember. She was beautiful, but not in the conventional sense of the word. That was why her modelling agency had found her so intriguing from the first day she had been taken there after being scouted five years previously, at the innocent age of fourteen. Photographers loved to work with her. Not just because she had a pleasant personality but because she had what many of them they called “the look.” She was their muse. At first Coco was uncertain what “the look” was but she understood when nearly every girl around the globe tried to recreate it after she became an international success. At eight stone in weight and five foot ten inches in height her figure went straight up and down and was very boyish but she had abnormally long legs which defined her in the industry. Her only feature that her colleagues would try to cover up or edit out would be her knobbly knees that “stuck out almost as far as her toes”, as one malicious photographer had once commented. She had a very fast metabolism and had always been skinny but, like many young models, she still had insecurities about her weight and had tackled an array of eating disorders in her past. Her time in the fashion industry had been short lived but she had made her mark as the last really super supermodel. However, it was a shame that no one cared about how super supermodels were anymore. Many nations despised her because she was slim and beautiful but now everyone had let themselves go so were overweight and made no efforts whatsoever with their appearance.

Coco took a deep sigh and kept on walking down the street. She had one goal in mind and that was to get back to the get back to her hotel room and sleep. It was a doleful day and Coco was dressed in a leather biker jacket that was not very insulted and her exposed legs were getting more goose bumps by the millisecond. Her toes were numb at the ends of her shoes and rain was starting to patter down now. She had to get inside before the rain got heavier. If she did not then it would burn her skin. The constant use of electricity since the start of the Technological Revolution meant that acid rain was not uncommon. She picked up her pace but in her mind everything was still moving so slowly. It would have been impossible for Coco to describe her grief on that day. She did not want to talk to anyone or do anything; that was the reason why she was now on her own. Although Coco had wanted to get back to the hotel promptly she had not wanted to walk with all the others and listen to them rattle on about how sad they were because she felt that no one in the entire universe could possibly feel lower than she did that day. She had told her best friend, Karla, that she would see her the following morning and that she just needed some time to think. But the more she thought the worse she felt and the lower her heart sank. Coco could not imagine ever recovering from this. She had loved her job with such a passion and it had been the main thing that had been keeping her going as she had spent her teen years watching the world crumble around her as a result of the Technological Revolution. She could not imagine her life going on. It would from now on just be like a vicious cycle of getting up in the mornings and watching the TV. She did not want to let that happen but she knew that eventually it would be inevitable. What had the human race let happen?

The most powerful people in fashion had managed to get a few ex-hotel staff to do a day of work for once so that the depressed fashionistas would have somewhere pleasant to return to after a distressing day.

Coco’s flight back to England was early afternoon tomorrow and she wanted to get at least twelve hours of sleep and rest in before then. They had had to hire a few ex-pilots for the flights as the world’s air space was closed unless absolutely necessary.
Coco collected her key from reception.

“Hi” she half grunted, whilst trying to sound polite, “I’m Coco Richardson. Can I have my key?”

“Sure you can” said the woman at reception, quickly looking at the records from the fashion industry’s stay. She swiped a card and handed it to Coco.

“Thanks” Coco said, reluctantly. She was not in the mood for talking. She was not in the mood for anything; apart from sleeping. She climbed the stairs at a snail pace as the elevator was broken. Each step was like she had a tonne of weights tied to each foot. She would have sat down and fallen asleep right there on the carpeted steps if that had seemed like a logical option but she must keep her logic. She had never been an intelligent person when it came to academic subjects but she seemed to be one of the few people that could see how wrong the Technological Revolution was. She did not want her brain to wither away until it was just one ineffectual mesh inside her skull; for that was what had happened to many people that she had once been friends with. Coco was not alone with her fears that some people would soon forget how to string a sentence together therefore will not have any way in which to communicate. They would just sit with their ineffectual mesh inside their skull inside their overweight bodies inside their tracksuits, on the settee, watching their televisions.

Coco got up to the third floor and fumbled to fit her key card in the slot. Her eyes could not focus and everything was becoming one big blur. She stabbed at the door with the key a few times before finally slotting it in the correct place. When she did she picked up her pace and fell down on the luxurious queen-size bed. As her head hit the pillow she had one thought on her mind. It was a thought of what her mother used to tell her. It was this: “It was all seem better in the morning.”  

She was aroused from her deep sleep the next morning by a knock at the door. She stumbled out of bed, walked over and opened the door. Coco was still wearing yesterday’s clothes and her hair was disarrayed. Her friend, Karla, stood in front of her. Karla looked beautiful as ever. Her thin hair was tied back from her face, showing off her defined, high cheekbones that were highlighted under the hotel’s lighting and perfectly shaped and coloured eyebrows. She wore a touch of makeup and her outfit consisted of a nude coloured vest top, showing off her tiny waist, a black biker jacket, skinny jeans and black studded ankle boots. She had one neatly manicured hand on her hips and the other on her Balenciaga suitcase handle.

“What the actual hell, Coco? Have you really just got up? I’ve been knocking for the last five minutes” Karla raised one of her perfect eyebrows which she had a skill at doing, her expression changing from tranquil to angry, stressed, “Our flight leaves in like an hour; if we don’t leave now God knows when we’ll get back to England.”

“Shit!” Coco exclaimed, abruptly waking up fully, “I didn’t set an alarm. I don’t know how I could have slept in so long. I’m so sorry Karla.”

Karla stepped inside as Coco dashed around, shoving items in her suitcase. Once she had packed she stood by the door. Karla was texting on her Blackberry. Karla looked up at her, “Are you not gonna get changed?”

Coco shrugged, “Can’t waste any time” she said before slipping on her black stilettos, grabbing the room key and walking out the hotel room with Karla in tow. The stairs creaked under their step as they ran down clumsily which suggested that they had not been in use for some time, which they had of course not. They checked out at reception and began their journey to the airport by foot.
 They could not call a taxi although they were short on time because taxis did not operate anymore. They walked briskly, not speaking a word. Coco did still not feel like speaking. Sleep had not made things better; all the facts remained the same. They may have evaporated whilst she was asleep but they were back again like a cruel nightmare, that occurred in the day, chasing her endlessly. She had always loved the day; how the sun shone high up in the sky and how she could get constructive work done. She did not care much for the night; sleep was time wasting, no one got anything worthwhile achieved in their sleep. Now, however, her views had flipped. She longed for the night so that she could get away from the reality of the day. Of course, the only way to stay asleep forever would be death.

After fifteen minutes of walking at a constant speed, Coco removed her shoes, rubbing her feet. She looked regretfully at Karla’s Converses as she did so. “You should have worn more practical shoes” was all Karla said, “No time to change them now; we’re in a rush as it is. Just walk barefoot.”

“To be fair, you did rush me this morning” Coco said.

“And I’m going to have to rush you now. Come on, time is rushing by, we’re going to miss our flight” Karla said.

Coco pulled off her six inch heels and carried them in her spare hand. She stepped on the occasional stone but there was no fear of litter; no fresh chewing gum or broken bottles. These streets had been vacant for a decade at least. There was no evidence of human existence. It was like thousands of years spent building up civilisations had all been thrown away and for what? Some new technology that meant that people no longer had to work hard; so that they could lie around all day like animals and let their brains shrink down to the intelligence level of animals. Hard work was the seed of almost every plant; of every important creation or memorable occurrence, but it was no more. Ideas were no more. Memorable occurrences were sparse; the most exciting thing for many people that had happened in recent years was developments in technology. Nobody did anything really notable.
They arrived at the airport with a few minutes to spare. They did not need to hurry as the airports no longer carried out vigorous security checks; all the shops, restaurants and cafés were closed. There was nothing to do but wait.

One large, commercial plane was stopping off at every major European country so that everybody who had attended the New York meeting could be dropped off home. France, Italy and the UK were the main stops because these fashion capitals were the homeland of nearly everyone on the flight. They were all lucky to be able to meet up and fly out. Lots of efforts had been made so that the fashion industry could go out with style. They would not have been possible if people did not have friends and family who worked for the government and Coco was thankful to those people. If it was possible for her to feel worse she is sure that she would have done if everything had ended on a video conference on a computer when computers were part of the reason that they were going under in the first place.

Coco and Karla took their seats and a safety video came on but Coco was not listening. Today would be another sad day. She would have to say goodbye to some long time friends and colleagues and after then she would never see them again. There was no way of her getting across the channel and into mainland Europe.

Coco stared out the window as the plane took off. It was another grey, empty day. Everything seemed grey and empty. She felt grey and empty. Coco rested her head on the wall of the plane. She simply looked at the clouds as they got higher and higher into the sky, before eventually, allowing her eye lids to flutter closed.

“Coco! Coco! Coco!” The screams from reporters and journalists came at her from all angles as the she exited her swanky London home.  She wore oversized sunglasses and a black trilby hat in an attempt to hide her identity. Her grey, baggy tracksuits hid her perfect legs that she was so famous for. However, her white vest top showed off her slim shoulders, non-existent stomach and small chest. She kept her head down as she ploughed through the fields of people calling her name.

When she was a little girl she had dressed up as a Princess with a tiara and a gown. She would act out public appearances. She would imagine the people calling her name and she would curtsy, wave and blow kisses to them.

However, she was no longer a little girl and she was not wearing a gown or a tiara. She could not curtsy; wave or blow kisses and even the sweetest smile could not get her life back on track. The people were not calling her name for a good reason. Chances are they were probably all from trashy tabloid magazines wanting the inside scoop on the once glamorous supermodel’s sudden drop from grace. Cameras and microphones were being thrust in her face as she struggled to her car, which was parked on the drive at the other side of her front garden. “What were you thinking at the time?” “Were you aware of the consequences?” “How do you feel about what happened?” “How do you plan to make a comeback from this?” and “How badly will your career be affected?” were frequently asked questions that she was heard on the way to her car. They were all questions that she truthfully did not know the answer to. She reached her shiny, red Lexus and her heart dropped as she spotted the letters LOSER spray painted across the windscreen. She tried to rub it off with her hand but soon discovered that it was permanent and the word would not budge. She put her hands on her hips and tried not to look too stressed as she was aware of the flashing cameras all around her trying to get a good shot of her looking bad. She pondered the situation for a while before pulling her Blackberry out of her large oversized brown leather Louis Vuitton handbag (it had been a gift when she had first started modelling for that company.) She dialled the number for Karla. “Pick up, pick up, pick up” Coco muttered to herself as Karla‘s phone rang.

“Karla Benjamin” Karla said.

“Hi, Karla, I...” Coco began.

“Ha! Coco, you loser! Your career’s over. No one wants to employ you after what you did” Karla cackled.

Then there was darkness but Karla’s voice kept on cackling until it faded out and was replaced by the ominous chant, “The fashion industry is over. Over, over, over. It’s over Coco, Coco, Coco.”
“Coco, Coco.”

“No, no, no” Coco was saying in her sleep.

“Coco” Karla shook her friend, “Coco. Stop it; you’re just having a bad dream. Wake up, we’re in Spain now. You need to say goodbye to the people getting off.”

Coco blinked. It had been bad dream but the reality was far worse. At least in her dream people had been willing to interview her on the untimely demise of her modelling career. The Technological Revolution meant that the fashion industry and all those involved in it had just snuck of silently whereas it would have lived up to everything that it was known for if it had gone out with a big, loud, glamorous bang. 

“Are you OK?” Karla asked after they had said their first goodbyes. Coco had been very quiet since she had woken up. She was reflecting on everything; contemplating life and what was to come next. She never imagined that she would lose her job so early. She had never thought about life after it and what she would do, where she would go.

“Yes” Coco lied, “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?” Karla asked.

Coco nodded, holding back the tears.

“It’s been a tough week for everyone” Karla said.

“Oh I know” Coco said as tears filled her eyes, “I just don’t know what I’m gonna do next.”A pause, “What is to become of us, Karla?”

“We’ll be fine” Karla reassured, “We always pull through.”
“But will we just fade away into our couches like the rest of the population? If not then what is the other alternative?” Coco asked.

“We don’t need to worry about all that right now” Karla said, shaking her head.

“If not now then when. If we leave it too long then it will be too late. We would have brainwashed ourselves into thinking that this sort of lazy behaviour is normal; healthy even” Coco said.
“I don’t think that will happen. There may not be much to do but we can find a way to stay what we call healthy. There are some people that actually do things. We can go out on walks together every so often and we can make sure that we keep speaking and reading and writing to keep our brains active” Karla said, “There is a way around the obvious, Coco. It isn’t the end of the world.”

But it felt like the end of the world. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Vogue Must-Have Kit

OK, so I do not work for Vogue and I never have done in the past so I know this might sound patronizing but this post is really for my benefit more than anyone else and it is also not to be taken too seriously. To work at Vogue would be my dream come true and I know that many girls feel the same so this is for anyone and everyone that has ever dreamed of working for the magazine or any other similar magazines.

A love for Starbucks (preferably skinny lattes.) The incredibly over-priced but oh-so-nice coffee is just as much a fashion accessory as a delicious beverage.


Me reading the July 2011 Ageless Beauty issue of Vogue with the beautiful Vanessa Paradis on the cover.
 Good knowledge of the magazine. I have read that in interviews with Vogue you are asked about favourite photographers, stylists, designers and models. It's no good just going in there and being like "Yeah, I love Vogue." AND? You need to back up all your points. Therefore reading the magazine will definitely help!

"How to Read Fashion" can be bought on Amazon but I have not seen it in any other bookstores. I got this copy from the school library. Finally, my school has made a fashionable gesture!

Again, this can be purchased on Amazon but because it is American it is rarely seen in British bookstores. However, it features interviews with designers, editors, photographers, models and stylists from all over the world.

Research the fashion industry. There are plenty of books and websites that explore the fashion industry in depth so nowadays it is easy to get a better understanding of every aspect of the fashion world.


Marc by Marc Jacob's laptop case (image from
 A laptop with a trendy case. The laptop is needed for research as well as typing up articles or creating mood-boards. A small one is better as it is easy to maneuver. It can be carried to fashion shows so that you can write about them and upload photographs inbetween. The trendy case is just a nice extra. Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton do beautiful ones.

Mug shot of me about to take a picture of my friend
A camera. Especially if you want to be a photographer but even for any other fashion job adding photos to your  portfolios can show a vast understanding of styling, photography and trend predictions.


My many, many notebooks! The pink one on the top row, second from the left is the one I take everywhere with me. The one next to it was a Christmas gift from my best friend. I keep it next to my bed to write about anything I feel like writing about. I love its design. It's from Topshop and so trendy!
A notebook. I always have a notebook on me no matter where I am. I just carry it round to jot down ideas when they come to me: for both blog posts and future novel/story ideas. I also scribble down outfit and style ideas.


My mum got this bag free from The Body Shop and she gave it to me as I had been going on about how I wanted an oversized handbag. I bought a belt from a garage sale so it was too big so I made it smaller and used the left over part to sew to this bag.
An oversized bag to carry round all the above (obviously not the latte, you will be holding that hopefully.)

A sewing machine. This should be kept at home but whether you are designing and making full collections of clothes or just customising a few pieces it will definitely come in useful.


I just found these in a cupboard but you can get good colouring pencils from most stationers. My nails are painted with Rimmel, Nails Inc. and Barry M nail varnishes.
Good quality colouring pencils. Not only will they fit in with the colour block trend but they will suit all your creative needs.


Coco Chanel Greeting Card, Red Bubble
Postcards to write letters to people in the business. Thank you letters will be appreciated a lot more if they are written by hand instead of email. Trendy cards will work best, seeing as you are working in the fashion industry.


Chanel diaries, 2009
A diary to write down dates and make sure you stay organised. The industry is tough and mistakes like forgetting appointments can sometimes set you back a lot.


Helen Exley Giftbooks can be bought here. I bought mine from a Cathedral gift shop.
Constant inspiration. I recommend buying a little book by Helen Exley. I have the "Go For It" book and it is amazing but I have heard of many other books by her that are equally inspirational. I carry it around with me for a little inspiration boost every now and again.


Blazer, H&M. T-shirt, The Disney Store. Jeggings, Primark.
A sense of style. This is definitely a must. You can rarely go to work for a fashion magazine without a sense of style and a love for fashion. At least, if you do you will find it very difficult, like Andy does in The Devil Wears Prada.